Email confirmation for sign in with social media


I am looking for advice on the best way to setup email confirmation for my app.

I am building a job board and I have setup sign in with Linkedin using an API connector. We haven’t launched our website and hence we do not have access to the higher tier of the Sign in with Linked. Currently the only information we get from Linkedin is name, email, profile picture.

Post initial sign up I also ask the user to share their work email and I am having issues confirming their work email address. Things I have tried:

  1. I tried using the Send Confirmation email action when a user submits their work email address. This did not work since the verification email was sent to the email on the users account i.e. email used in their Linkedin account and not their work email

  2. I tried using the Send Confirmation email action to generate a token and then sent an email via SendGrid to the user’s work email asking them to verify their work email with the link generated using this token. Once a user clicks the link, I tried updating the verification status for current user. This didnt work since work profiles are different from personal profiles so clicking on the link would lead to confirmation page on a new chrome profile where the user was not logged in intiially.

Is there an easy way to setup Email confirmation for this usecase?

If you’re building a job board it makes more sense for most users to be able to use their personal email address anyway since they won’t won’t their current work to know they’re looking for work, so I’d suggest just let them pick which email they want to use.

Hey Oliver,

I am using sign up with Linkedin for account creation, this will automatically pick up their preferred email from Linkedin.

In order to create a profile, I ask the users to optionally share their work email address and I would like to verify that email.


You can create a data type called “other emails” or something, add a field for the email, A pin code, and a confirmed yes no status.

Send an email to them containing the pin code you generated, then allow then to put the pin code in and change it to verified.

Just make the pin code private, then use a backend workflow to verify it.

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