Emails go to SPAM since connecting to SendGrid

cheers @johnny and @deadpoetnsp My app is built on Airdev Canvas so I think that only works with Sendgrid - not sure though

@michael12 - nope you can change to Postmark from an Airdev template (I did). Just need to redo all the email workflows with the postmark plugin. Honestly I’ve got much better emails and Sendgrid was so bad for deliverability.

$10/month for Postmark with MUCH better performance, analytics, emails and overall experience. It’s a no brainer!

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cheers @equibodyapp is redoing email workflows much work? I have the user signup stuff plus a few assignment notification emails - I’m wondering as I didn’t build app myself

@michael12 it’s not a terrible amount of work if you are familiar with doing workflows etc and dependent on how many emails you are sending out but it sounds like you are on the newer end of bubble users :slight_smile:

If you would prefer to hire someone to do the changeover send me a PM :wink:

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