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Emails Question

I have an app where I post jobs. I want to make it so that whenever I post a job it emails every user who has registered on my platform, any idea how the workflow for something like this would work?

On job post add a backend workflow that runs on a list of all users and triggers a “send email” action to each user email address. Of course you can pass along any other parameter that you want.


Thank you @stefanof

I wanted to make it so that when a new job is posted 3 days (for testing purposes I used 1 minute) later people receive an email so what I tried was I created a custom work flow on the job-page level but this did not work. The logic was this:


When this happens, send an email

@bubbler63 , why a custom wf ? if you use a backend workflow instead, the trigger action can be scheduled at current date/time + days 3. Did you try this way ?

I’m not sure how to schedule workflows. Can you possibly provide me with some material I can read to find out how this is done?


in the custom event section you find the scheduled workflows actions

and when you choose that action you will see the schedule date option

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