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Expert Advice : New App No Signups

I’ve just pushed my web app live, and ran some ppc campaigns towards it.

So far i have has 130 hits on the landing page

But i’m not receiving any conversions, any ideas?

Thanks for any help.


Here’s just a few things I noticed:

  1. Site is not secure (lacking SSL)
  2. Landing page is lacking content (compare to
  3. It looks like it’s for a certain geographic location (“for personal trainers near Reading”)
  4. Lack of links to your terms of service and privacy policy (should be visible at a minimum during signup)
  5. Statement linking to privacy policy doesn’t work
  6. No opportunities to explore other pages on the website before signup (no about, contact, etc)
  7. Manager of the website is not communicated (no owner listed on the page)
  8. Feature content requires reading as opposed to scanning (use shorter blocks of text)
  9. “Get quotes” is far removed from the input boxes (not obvious it is connected with the inputs above)
  10. Request for the user’s phone number is too early, especially since it’s optional (place it as late as you can in the signup or on-boarding process)
  11. Signup requires too much input (request this content during on-boarding instead)

Fantastic ideas, I was hoping to use all of that to optimise conversions.

But i think you are right, Since there doesn’t seem to be a technical error. I’ll adjust all of those now, and see how the next few days pan out…

Thanks for the helpful feedback!


Consider installing

You’ll be able to view how users interact with your page and signup process and identify areas where they’re getting confused or drop off.

Also did you test out your webpage with your ideal customer that you want to convert and see what they say? Just talking with them can give you tremendous insight that data alone won’t help you with.

Good ideas, It’s been a challenge designing this app. It’s something i’ve never done before. Usually website design as a hobby. I usually use instapage for landing pages. But couldn’t pull the data in to bubble easily.

I’ve never even had to think about a signup process, usually just sales funnels for enquiries.


It’s one of the most overlooked difficulties when building from scratch.

I design like a programmer, which is to say not well. I’ve found a few bucks spent on returns a great deal.

At first glance,

This guy is pretty good at “teardowns”

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Some things that jumped out at me:

The UX is a little odd. It says for personal trainers near Reading, but then it has a dropdown, which appears to contradict that. And if personal trainers is the only thing you can search for, why put it in a dropdown?

There isn’t enough contrast between the continue button and the background. I would also consider exploring other options for the button text. Maybe Get Started or something along those lines.

I would emphasize the personal trainers part of the headline over the competitive quotes part. Ultimately, what the user wants is a trainer. That part is also more specific. Find Competitive Quotes could refer to anything. Maybe you can even break it into a headline and subhead, with the headline focusing on finding a trainer and the subhead about getting quotes to find the best value.

Also, don’t forget that the landing page is only one aspect of conversion. You’ll want to consider the ads you’re running as well. Are the keywords you selected attracting the right people? Does the intent match your offer? Does the messaging move seamlessly from the ad to the page?

I hope that helps.