Filter Giving Back just 1 result from grouping and not more as it should

Hey I have an app that basically is connected through API with some sales data in the core ERP. Than I Call those data through a RG (Invisivble) and manuver them in front end. In one of the cases I show limitted data based on User Permission. So if some one has a permission supervizer I only give data that are for his/her employees and if someone is exec level permision (admin, sales manager, etc) sees everything. In My case when a “Supervizer is logging IN” they’re being capable to see just 1 of their employees and not all. What do you think I am doing wrong here ? See below my set up :

  1. When Someone is not Supervizer:


  1. When Someone is Supervizer: (a filter is added)


Data might not be setup properly in the database

Privacy Rules might be configured incorrectly

When testing you might not be logged in as a supervisor