Filter is not working

Hi guys

I want to set up a filter function for my repeating group items. please refer to the photos below.

Item 1 & 2 are the filters I am going to use
And item 1 is working properly, which I can see it is connected to the list items (please refer 1-1)
But for item 2, although it is a filter, but I can see it is not connected to list items(please refer 2-1)
It looks the Job list data source is not set, but filter->item 1 does work.

Can anyone tell me how to make item 2 works?

I am new to, it may because I don’t know how to open the search for box, or how to set the search conditions. Any ideas?

It has been fixed. That is because I find the exact repeating control, and update the data source.

thank you guys.

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