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Forked Sign in and Sign Up page

My goal is to create a sign up/ sign in page as shown below:

To that end I have created following data type with option sets:

I want to have three types of users: 1. SuperAdmin 2. SubAdmin, and 3. Users(with status as active or inactive). There can be only 1 super user. Super User can be sub-user or user, but user can’t login as super-user or sub-user. There can be many sub-users and users. Can I use option sets to achieve the same? If yes, how?

I created frames of the two pages, but not sure about the workflow to be put in bubble. Please see the preview here:

How to set up the workflow?

How do you plan to assign the UserTypes? Is it through a dropdown on signup or?.. If it’s through a dropdown, you can reference the option set.

In the meantime, to start the signup process for your user, the workflow action you should use is the Account > Sign the user up action. I have attached a screenshot below to assist you in finding the correct action. During the sign the user up workflow, you can click on the plus where it says “Change a user’s field,” to add the user’s mobile phone number.


To log the user in, on the workflows tab, create a new action and head over to Account > Log the user in. I have also attached a screenshot to assist you in finding the action.