[SOLVED] Why do I have to send data with a link?

I don’t really think I need to send data for some pages, but I always get a warning to set the “Data to send” parameter on a link.


If locations page is set up to receive data (i.e. in the page settings it has Type of Content set) then you will need to send something.


Thank Nigel, so the warning only shows if the related page has the Type of Content set. :slightly_smiling:

Yes, if the page you are going to needs data, it will ask you for it.

Resurrecting this thread, because Bubble won’t let me push to Live without fixing these “Data to send” errors.
I’m using my destination page as a page to both create new, and edit existing, based on the other data elements I’m passing upon “Go To page”. That means that creating a new thing will not have anything to pass to the destination page.

If the destination page expect a thing, you need to provide one. if it’s a new one, you can create one before the change page action and send that one.

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I have to say, that’s not ideal, and functions just fine with the errors. Creating a thing when I don’t know if the user will save it causes a lot of blank entries, and rework of logic.

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Then you should have 2 different pages. It wouldn’t make sense to build a page with a current page thing, referring to it, if the thing isn’t there.

But you have the ability to specify if the page’s thing is empty, which it would be, if the user hasn’t saved it yet.


i dont set page types. just group and repeating group types


Could you elaborate. Facing the same “data to send error”.

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I really don´t get the “data to send” problem. To me it doesn´t make any sense and i am running into problems all the time. It might make sense from a development pov, but it doesn´t make any sense in the whole logic from a users pov…


Pages either have a thing associated with them, or they don’t.

Think of an Amazon product page - it relates to a product. It shows data about a product for sale. Why would have a page related to a product when there is no product ?

So you need to make a decision about you page, does it relate to a specific thing or not ?

If you are unsure (and it should be obvious) then it probably doesn’t.

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I’m trying to grasp this one as well.

I have a thing created on page load (itinerary) but when I link to it it asks me to send data, which, hasn’t been created yet and is created on page load.

How do you create a new thing or run a workflow from a link?

This way when the Link is clicked i could create the thing and pass the newly created thing to the page instead of creating that thing on page load.

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@JustinC have you solved this?

You can’t assign a workflow to a link. I don’t use links that much. I’ve assumed they are there “only” for navigational purposes and shouldn’t be used differently. Instead, why not use a text element, create a workflow when text is clicked, create Itinerary>go to page and load Itinerary from the workflow.

You can always style the text to mimic a link if you want that UX.

In general for this topic, like others are saying, it makes sense that a page expects data when it’s a certain data type. @NigelG’s example with Amazon is a good one. I think it’s easy to think that you need to classify a page or group as a thing, just because it’s right there in the property editor.

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I think I found another workaround I like better. I have the same issue as the original poster, which is that I have a page which is a form that I want to use to both create a new thing, and edit things. When I use the form to edit, it works fine because the content is passed in from the existing thing. When I create a new thing however and want the form to appear blank, I would get the error message about needing to pass in the content type when the link was clicked to get there.

What I did was had the link “Do a search for” the content type with a gibberish title, such as “when Title = sdfskjdsk” and then the Bubble validation accepts this, but it always ends up passing in nothing, and my Create New form shows up empty as I want it to


This is so silly, but thanks for the workaround. They should really add the ability to send no data to a page that has a type. Because I use the fact that it may or may not have data to display different things. A drafts page might show all drafts if no data was sent, or an edit form if a post was sent to it.


Along the same vein as the last answer, you can also execute a search to 0 items

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 8.21.15 pm


Not ideal but using this workaround too 4 years later. @emmanuel I totally get where you are coming from. My usecase: I am building an enterprise app that is one page only pretty much, so sometimes you have an account (my page type) selected, and sometime you don’t have one. Think of building Notion. You’d click into nested sub pages, that are all hosted on one main page. Hope this helps

this one my friend just saved me from reorganizing my whole app ! love it ! I would buy you a beer if you would be from Slovakia. Have a good one. :slight_smile: