Google calendar offline access api struggles

[Tldr] I can use the calendar with their respective owners but can’t share them with others even though users provide that permission.

So, as reference, these calls are the same set as the plugin built by @evanlitttle

what i’ve gotten so far is that my users can create/edit/update/see events on their own calendars, but i cant seem to get their calendars to share. still working that out! I get an error when that happens.

this is the error I recieve after

  1. authenticating with this app as
  2. logging out and authenticating as
  3. trying to view’s calendar while authenticated as

any API experts out here that could help with that?
doing these within minutes of each other would make me feel like the app still has a valid token/refresh code. but it never works… I would be happy to share my api setup with anyone.

I am using the most broad teaching scope got Calendar too.

This let’s each user have complete CRuD ability once they have logged in over their own calendars only.

How do I get the app to show data from someone else’s calendar is what I’m wondering. Do I need to use backend workflows or something?

And as a note

If my user isn’t authenticated/logged in when I make the api call, I don’t even get an error back. Just an empty body

At first, I would say that the calendarID is not correct. A 404 error mean that the endpoint (that contain the calendarID) is not found (like 404 error on a webpage.)
I suggest that you inspect the RG data source and check if every informations are provided correctly

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Also, Pretty sure you cannot reach someone else calendar without doing your own authentication process and storing access token in DB (handle manually each part including refresh token part)

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This is what I was thinking. I’m refactoring these calls tonight!

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