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Make other page content reposition when inserting/resizing a group

Sorry if this has been brought up before, but since I couldn’t find any threads about it I’ll post this idea.
Wordpress visual editors operate in a way that if you insert new a new div on a page, other content gets pushed down if its below the new div, or up if its above the new div.

I would love to have this functionality in Bubble. Being able to insert or resize a group on a page, and then have the other content on the page reposition according to this.
This would be a major time saver when working on your design :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. it’s very easy to do it wrong through and be super annoying, so we’ll take some time to think about it…

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Glad you like the idea!

I think it would be a good way to get rid of some pains when it comes to designing a page.
If one could find a way to combine the best elements from the way you design in a template like DIVI and the flexibility of Bubble, I think it would be a killer.

In DIVI, it’s a more rigid and structured setup than in Bubbles editor, but you can still accomplish most designs that are made on web sites today. Here’s a couple of examples of the DIVI editor:

If perhaps you could set Bubble groups in a similar way, you’d have a really powerful and easy way to design.