Height repeating group always maximum height


on my page I have a repeating group to fill the page. I want to have the same behavior as this forum, that the repeating group itself has always the height of the browser size without any additional scrollbar. Like when I make this window smaller, I still want that the repeating group fills the brower window but I only want have the scrollbar of the repeating group visible.

so you want an empty R.G. showing a scroll bar that is the size of the page?

in the editor create a R.G. and set the height to the same as the page. Set the R.G. datasource to search for a data type that is empty.

This was exactly what I did. As you see on my website the R.G. has the same length than my site. But when I minimize the window the scrollbar appears again.

What do you mean with data type that is empty? I search there for my items which I want to display.

I found als in the showcase the page https://qritiq.me/community which was built with bubble. It has the same behaviour when I log in.

Aha, I found the solution. I changed the R.G. group type to Ext. vertical scrolling. That is what I am searched for.

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