Help: Bubble Not Updating - Live Site

last thing i could suggest is checking your privacy settings

@curt @curt1 Please submit a bug report

The issue is resolved and we really don’t know what the issue was. Here is the note from our Bubble Coach.

"I logged into the account with Paul on a video conference. In explaining the situation, we were briefly able to see the problem Paul was describing. We went off to investigate and came across some very strange behavior why we could no longer Run the app from the user list. After a refresh the list of users completely changed. What I saw was akin to somebody else copying the dev database over to live, however we had not done this. We did perform a deployment of the code alone during this period, so perhaps that cleaned something up.

My recommendation is that you a) change the password to the account to make sure nobody else has access and b) check with Bubble to see if there are any known issues that might have triggered this.

It is a bit of a mystery.

Anyways all is well…

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I too have the same issue the actions in a work flow seems to work diffrently in Dev version …may be will it take 24 hrs for the LIVe to reflect DEV version …?