Hide cell in RG - set invisible not sufficient

Hi folks

i need to hide cell based up on their stock status. i have grouped every things in the cell and applied a condition for the parent group. now the RG look like a swiss cheese. and idea on how to get around this:


Can you use a filter instead of a conditional? I.e. filter-stock status-Is not-x
That would stop it from messing up your UI and probably be more efficient.

Hi Wright

problem is that i need to api call with in each cell. i can not call the stock status using the RG datasource

thanks for your help

Ok think I understand. Maybe you just need to set the cell/group to ‘collapse when hidden’?

I hide the whole group but still the i get this spaces. it seems so simple…
any other idea?

Do you definitely have ‘collapse when hidden’ selected?

thanks again

yes i do



Hmm that’s weird. Only other thing I can think of trying is to do your logic the other way around. So make everything hidden and collapsed when hidden by default and make it visible on the opposite of your current condition (>1)

No luck Either

Strange seems so simple.

Frustating as it is the last issue to solve

I know the feeling, although with mine there is always one last thing to solve :grinning:

No kidding. Bit still many hours until Monday.

But there has to be a simple way to do this…

Happy to take a look at your editor if you want to see if I can figure anything out. Just DM me the link.

I’ll do it a bitlatertonite

Thanks by the way

Good evening

i replicated my app with the RG, thanks for looking at it.

: Rgvisibility | Bubble Editor

I think you may need to have an invisible RG that does the API call and stores that data (maybe as a state? depending on how much info you have), then do the actual visible RG to :filter out 0 stock Things.

I like this approach. I will try it.

I was also thinking if this could be done thru an api workflow.

funny, it seems hiding works if only use one column. sadly my clients want multiple columns

i can confirm that if i just use row and one column, empty rows take up no space.
but if i use 2 columns, cells where the condition is meet, are taking up space.

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