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Hotmail filters the reset password email


So I have a reset password function that emails a new unique password. Hotmail filters the messages and my customers do not get the email.

Is there a workaround for this?

Your clients will need to whitelist your app’s domain with their Hotmail account to ensure that they receive the password reset emails; nothing that can be handled on Bubble’s end for this, unfortunately.

How do people whitelist the domain in hotmail?

Sorry @eve , but I disagree. Bubble should have other send options/integrations to bypass this issue. This is very frustrating, specialty if we have a large users base…

@ParalaxMuscrat , you can try the “Assign temporary password” feature for this.

It may help!

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I do have that functionality in my app but I have to email it out to the person. Is there a way to print the temp password on the screen?

You could always use “Set State” of a text element, and set the text element’s state to the result’s generated password. Then, on the text itself, change the text to dynamic, and then the state.

If you need more clarification let me know!

:name_badge: Drake Dussault

Hey there @ParalaxMuscrat,

Since Bubble uses Sendgrid, perhaps it might be an issue with Sendgrid’s terrible delivery and reputation to Hotmail servers? Have you tried using a different email API, such as Postmark to see if this issue still persists?

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Yes! :love_you_gesture:

Bubble e-mails are never delivered to hotmail/outlook emails.

This has nothing to do with any sendgrid plug-in.

Using bubble’s native “send email” workflow you can test it, your messages will not be delivered to hotmail/outlook emails.

It seems that Hotmail/Outlook have blacklisted the domain.

Its been a while and bubble haven’t solved this problem.

I was forced to not allowing users to sign up to my app using hotmail/outlook emails. That sucks.

I hope that bubble can find a solution for this soon.

Hey there @fcastillosa.apps,

I recommend using another email API service provider like Postmark. Someone that’s probably using the same mail servers as Bubble at Sendgrid is probably messing it up for everyone.

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