How did you learn bubble?

Hi @LinuxUser,

  1. Keep the world you need to learn as small as possible*
  2. First try stuff myself, endresult is I usually fail in the first go :slight_smile:
  3. See if a tutorial hits on the problem
  4. Read and search on
  5. After not finding it there → Read and search on
  6. After not finding it there →
  7. Then I extend to youtube and just keep varying my keywords I search with.
  8. I first try to make something work anyway possible and only then go on to tighten it up.

*I have no coding background whatsoever, which means I have no view on what generally impacts performance and literally everything from database, UI, UX, SEO, responsiveness, plugins etc. is new. That means I have A LOT to learn. So first order of business for me is to keep the world as small as possible from the beginning and then extend it. This means I first try to really use all native functionality and barely touch upon plugins, I also left privacy and responsivness alone for quite some time.

My approach means I am retouching stuff I have build multiple times, so not really a ‘first time right’ methodology, but at least it gives me short term results which keeps learning on Bubble a lot of fun.

Hope it helps!

By the way: this link of Bubble founder Josh gave fantastic insight on how to achieve performance on Bubble: