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How do I add subtitles to my videoJS videos

I am new to Bubble and trying to work with the videoJS Advanced player. I have the video working but not sure how to get the subtitles to work. It says in the docs that this is possible, but I don’t see any options to load subtitle files in, Please help with some instructions and screenshots.

Love some help @pork1977gm

Hi @dmitry

There should be a load subtitles action, can you see it in the list of available actions?

I am a bit new to bubble so not sure how to access this. Can you perhaps show some step by step screenshots?

I would need to dynamically load the captions from the bubble database.

Also is there a way to format the captions?

No probs, so have the video on your page first and make sure a video is loaded, then you run this action


Fill in the required details etc and with a bit of luck they should load. The action does contain a bunch of options which will allow you to style the subs, but if you find that there’s not enough styling, you can access the state called “Subtitles current caption” on the video player which will show you the subs as the video plays. You could use that in a text element and style it how you like.


If you haven’t see this page yet, it’s worth looking at:

And the editor for it is here:
Paul-testing-4 | Bubble Editor