How to change password for users?

thank you

np, it will be a nightmare to manage though. If you give me an editor link I will setup an example for you that is much better.

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yes of course.

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What I was saying earlier was when a user goes to login they input an email and a password “which is saved by bubble” all you need to do is create a field in user called password. and right after your sign user up step add another step called update user and add the password input to that field.

—>sign user up (pass, and email)—>update user password(pass)

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I am using update user’s cred. When I want to choose a source for the new pass, it is not showing me the input pass that is located on the admin page. Do I need to send the data of the input pass (admin page) to the password field? then do a search for the password?

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Where are you generating the passwords

I am not generating. There is an admin page and there is an input password.

So in a step right after that add another action that stores (input password) in any field or any table you want

It could be a table in user called password or table called cats it doesn’t matter

I am thinking of it this way. When I click add “New User” button, I create a new user I input a password that is saved in the “Passwords” Field in the user. When I click “edit” then “save”, the data that I changed in the input password in the current cell’s user modifies the password of the user that was saved in the “passwords” field when I clicked on the “New User” button and signed him up.

I created it already.

that sounds a little complicated just use the password input to fill 2 fields theres no need to retroactively edit things

I like to be in control of everything in my website. Can you help me with it please? or just direct me in the right path

Kindly check the demo below.


So in the input password which is disabled, shows a random password and then in the data tab in the account type, you can change the real password?

The input password is not used, it’s just for demo purposes.

Thank you so much man really appreciated!

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No worries, next time I advise you to write a scenario and then you’ll be able to connect the dots.

I will try to implement this in my real app and see if there is gonna be a problem.

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I feel like I should point out in case you are unaware storing plain text passwords is extremely poor practice but I don’t know what your doing. Most web services have no access to their own users passwords as they are salted and encrypted.

That being said I will try to be as clear as possible.

You have 1 input that generates the password.

You have 2 fields you need to fill out.

Field 1 is the password field for signing a user up

Field 2 is any field you want (you chose a password field under user)

With this 1 input your are going to sign the user up with a password like normal but immediately after or before that you are going to use that same input value to update your password field you made in user.

So now bubble has a secret copy and you have a copy but they are the same

Kindly look at my suggestion above. I suggested using a plugin for encrypting the password in the database. You can also grant access with a unique SMS code, this also requires a plugin.