How To Configure Inputs Inside Of Repeating Group? Is it possible?

Is it possible to configure inputs inside of a repeating group?

I am trying to configure this here:

Should I be using a repeating group all together even?? I’m lost on this one.

As you can see, the user needs to be able to add MULTIPLE “legs” to their flight…

I thought about having it create an itiniary on page load, create leg 1 (blank), add leg 1 to the itiniary and then use a repeating group to search for legs within the current page itiniary… but the problem is 1) they need to be inputs and 2) they need to be blank at the start to allow the user to input their airport codes 3) they need to be able to add infinity amount of “legs” to the itiniary/trip.

When the user hits ‘quote’ it should take all of the legs and finalize the itiniary and formulate a quote based on the users inputs.

Repeating Group would seem to the way to go. It will be a list of “legs” that can be added to.

The major choices are where to store this data, and when to update it. I think it will be a lot easier to store it on the itinerary as you have suggested rather than try to do it in

For the inputs you could maybe look at using Autobinding to the data, so it updates the underlying data when each leg is updated.

Interesting… I have never worked with the auto binding feature (yet). Will have to try this.

I’ve got the autobinding sorted out and it’s working but on page load i’ve got it set to create a new “itiniary” plus “leg” and add “leg” to step 1, then when I configure the repeating group to search for “current page itiniary” I restricted it to the current page itiniary unique ID, every time i refresh the page i get a new leg… even though the leg is supposed to only be part of the one unique ID. ?

How is it calling data from multiple “page itinararys” when it should be restricted to just the one itiniary unique ID which is created upon page load?

@JustinC I’m trying to do something similar, your bubble app link didn’t work do you still have that available to view so I can see how you’re accomplishing this?


I am trying to do the same kind of form. Do you have any answer?


I am trying to create the same thing for