How to create a checklist that i can email

Hi everyone, I am very new to the bubble app creator and need some help with a problem I cant seem to find a answer for.

I am a independent service technician and I am wanting to create a app that I can go to a job and input customer name, check off a checklist and upload photos.

So what I want to create is a job check sheet of sorts. I want to be able to fill in the fields like customer name and date and then check on my checklist a premade list of items such as oil check and drive condition.

With the finished result I then want to send this information via a button to either a pdf that I can then attach in a email or alternatively to email body that I can send to anyone. The point for me is to have this information in a way I can email it easily.

below is what I am at at this stage so you can get the gist of what I am doing

Apologies if this is a really basic question or I have posted in the wrong category, any help is greatly appreciated.

thanks Cam

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Hey Cam,

Yep just sending it in the email as HTML is easiest, but you could also just make a public facing link which you can send to someone, then they can look at it and see changes etc.

You’re going in the right direction, do you have any specific questions?

Hey Oliver, thanks for the reply.

yes I’m just unsure on the best process of how to send it in email form to a desired recipient.

What’s the best workflow selection off the send service check sheet that I should use or is there a better way?

Sure, you can just use the send an email workflow where you will specify the recipient etc, you just need to have your sendgrid API keys set up.

Personally I would want to be saving this in the database, then tracking job completion etc, as well as giving clients access to see their service history, maybe adding a way for them to book in services and pay for them with stripe, so much great stuff you could expand it to

Ok so im not having much luck here. here is my process…

so I go to add workflow to the button.
then I click email.
send email.

Its pops up tis following box where i put in my email and subject but this is where i get lost. How to i choose the service page to send?

im so sorry if this is simple stuff that i dont seem to be grasping

I can send simple messages in body but i want to add the checklist in there but im stumped

So, you can pass a list of items from your checklist etc, and have it in plain text in the email.

If you want it to be pretty and formatted all nice you might want to look at the sendgrid email templates and using html markup to make the list look nice?

I wanted to see this for myself as well.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. You have to build the body yourself from scratch. There are some plugins that convert a page to pdf I guess but that’s even trickier.

So from a page like this for example:

You can create an email body like this:

The key here is to understand if a checkbox is checked or not, and how you do it is with formatted as text after getting is checked. See how I added a text for yes, and nothing for no.

Then, in the email sent, it will look like this:

Of course, you can make it look better the more time you spend on the body.

Here is a link to the editor if you want to check more details: Tests for Forum 9 | Bubble Editor

Wow brillant buddy, there is def some work in here but thank you so much. I can work with this