How to give parameters to workflow API to run on a list


I want to send notifications to a few users. For that I have created an API workflow that accepts “user” and “message body” as parameter. It looks like this:

Now I want to run it on a list of users. For this I am calling “schedule a workflow on a list” like this:

Now here, I don’t know how do I give “usr” parameter for individual API call for sending message. Ideally I want to say that it should take the user from the list as this parameter. But how do I say that? I have given “List to run on” to be the list of users, but that seems useless as the individual API workflow doesn’t have a “workflow thing” in it.

How do I achieve what I want to do? Have I chosen wrong type of workflows to do this?

PS: I do not want to get into the complexity of recursive working on list. I have done that in past, but I want to keep this one simple.


User = This User

Thanks @adamhholmes

Yes, I saw that in one of the forum posts, and had tried that. I wonder why such an important thing is missing totally from the documentation.

However, I saw that “Usr” is coming blank when I did “Usr = This User”. Now that you confirm that it is the right way to do it, maybe I’ll see if there is a bug at my end causing that.

Check your logs when you run the action - you should be able to see exactly what’s going on and what’s not working there.

It could be privacy rules, or it could be the ‘List to run on’ is not set up correctly.

But the logs should give some insight as to where the issue lies.

Check your Privacy settings for the Data thing “User”

You need to make sure you have the correct permissions to make changes to a user or a list of users.

Thanks @adamhholmes and @shawnmi6 . It is working now. I did quite a few changes, including privacy settings. I suppose privacy settings would have fixed it, though I have no conclusive way of saying that.

Thanks for the pointers!