How to lock next item displaying in RG

As we know RGFixed number of sells automatically displays Next item if One of displayed is empty (by action etc.), so cell immediately filled with the next item. Continue Until the search results run out.

I need to stop this > Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
I want the user to see Next 5 items ONLY when declined Current 5 items

Did anybody manage the same?

I spent a day trying the solution of:

  • create RGCustomStates for each batch of 5 items ( until5, from6:until4 and so on… )
  • and trying to change RG DataSourse by clicking Next 5.

And it works=) but I need to multiply RG, new RG per each Custom state, and then Hide and Show all that RGs…
So that is not solution since there are hundreds of Items and have RG for each 5 items is crazy.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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