How to make changes to a thing (or list of things) adding multiple items

Hi bubblers,

I am using a single popup to add/edit users information. All info goes to the data type “Users”, but the “Assigned Unit” (which is a multiple dropdown) should be also stored in the “Unit” data type (So the info is saved in “Users” and “Unit” data type).

I can save all units from the the “Dropdown” to the User’s datatype, but I don’t know how to save them in the “Unit” database. The “Unit” is already created. When the admin is creating a new user, the “Assigned Unit” data should make changes to the data type Unit, to the field “Assignees”, but it only stores or the first, or the last data. How can I save all data into this pre-existing database?


My knowledge in bubble is very limited. Could someone help me please?

Thank you very much!!

If data is existing, it will not add again, Try a clear list before the add list, So all data will be pushed without any issues

The problem is that the admin user is assigned to all units, so if I clear the list, the admin user will be deleted as well… I am still lost about this, I’ve tried too many solutions = (

Does anyone can help me with this? Please!! =)

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