How to merge pages?

Hi, I have a simple app that grabs a bunch of info from the user, saves them in DB and later fills out info on certain pages based on the saved info. Now say I have two pages: A and B which the user can navigate to using links. My users would want to print these pages, so a user would have to click link A to go to page A and print it. Then repeat the process with page B to print page B.

I like to give my users the option to click on one link and see a page that contains both pages (A and B) in terms of content (so it’d be a long page with page A’s content at the top and then content of page B after). I dont want to have to create a new page with a copy and paste of the items in both pages A and B since that would become extremely difficult to maintain should I want to make any changes to either A or B and also becomes almost impossible task if I want to add future pages to it (C, D, E…)

Does bubble have any ‘combine’ option for pages that can accomplish this for me?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @houman_ag,
What would the workflow form the user’s perspective look like here? How does a user tell you they want to print pages a, b, c, etc.

The only way to display multiple pieces of content on the page is to either add that content to the page individually or create each reusable piece of content as a “reusable element”. You could certainly go this second route. Create each “page” as a reuseable element. Then create a single page that has ALL reusable elements and shows/hides them based on the user’s settings.


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The workflow is linear rather. User sees links to produce different pages individually. User also sees a separate link for producing all pages.

What you say with reusable elements makes sense. On that note, is there any way to make sure every reusable page starts at the beginning of a new page for printing purposes? (you know how MS Word for example has page breaks to ensure no matter what the flow of the previous content was, a new content starts at the top of the page). I want to ensure that pages A, B, C, etc. get printed starting on a brand new page even in the long merged format. Is this doable?

create each reusable piece of content as a reusable element

I’m not actually sure if this is possible out of the box. I’m sure there’s a fancy plug-in or custom script you could write, but I don’t know of a way to get each reusable element on a separate printed page.

Fair enough. Thanks again for your help.