How to pass data through a popup sign up page

Hi all,

I’m stuck trying to do the following (relates to passing data between pages).

Use case: A user has an audio track on the screen (which is displayed in a group), if they like it I want them to have the ability to add to their account.

Problem: This is not a problem if they are already signed in, as I simply just modify their record in the databse. However, if I want them to go through the sign up popup, sign up, and then have the audio track saved to their account AND be returned to the same page with the same data, is proving very difficult.

I can’t seem to push the data from the page into the popup group and back.

I may be missing something very obvious - the popup flow and details are the default built in one you get with each bubble app.

Page layout:


Popup workflow once sign up is clicked (this looks to be the problem as I want to return to the page with the same data that was originally in it, but as none is sent to the popup I can’t send it back).

Let me know if you need any more information from me in order to help.

Thanks in advance!