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How to put search box in a pop up box?

So I was thinking of putting a search box in a pop up box so that whenever a button is clicked the popup box containing the search box would appear and when the button is again clicked the popup box and the search box would disappear.
How can this be done?

Hello :slight_smile: Are you using a popup element for this? If the button is placed on the page, the button will open the popup, but then you would need a different button in the popup to close it (unless you allowed Users to click outside of the popup to close it). One way is to use a button with the workflow to ‘show’ the popup (“when button is clicked”, element actions --> show, element: popup), and a button inside the popup to ‘hide’ (“when button is clicked”, element actions --> hide, element: popup).

If you aren’t using a popup element, and just want to show and hide a group containing a search box (for example), the workflow of the button could be “element actions --> toggle, element: search box”. That action would toggle the visibility of the search box.

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thanks. Its working. One more thing. I just can’t drag the popup in the editor.

Lock this element check box is unchecked still I can’t drag the popup. Please Help…

Popups can’t be moved, they always show up centered on top of the entire page. What are you trying to do?

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Well I was trying to show a popup in the header section of my app.

You might be better off using a Group Focus or just a regular group that gets shown and hid. The pop-up won’t let ya get where you wanna go, I don’t think.

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