How to rotate a group or repeating group (new feature request?)

I’m not sure if there is a way to do this, but here is my problem.

I am creating a web app to track my mood from day to day. Because these days are presented as chronological, I want each new day to be at the right hand side of a repeating group. Currently, the scroll bar always starts on the left side, showing the oldest days first. My thought was that I could reverse the sort order and simply flip the repeating group upside down.

However, I have not found a way to rotate a group or repeating group in the editor. Is this a current feature, or does it only exist for shapes and a few other elements (and if so, then why)?

There is no such feature… You could try to do it with custom CSS.

Granted that your repeating group has the ID “myMoodList”, you could insert this CSS code into the header of your page (double click on your page background to access its editor):
<style> #myMoodList { -ms-transform: rotate(180deg); -webkit-transform: rotate(180deg); transform: rotate(180deg); } </style>


Thanks for your reply! It seems like it should work, but it is not for me. I will continue to tinker with it. I just added a html element to the header and added the code: .bubble-element RepeatingGroup { -ms-transform: rotate(30deg) !important; -webkit-transform: rotate(30deg) !important; transform: rotate(30deg) !important;}

Don’t forget the tags.

Right now your CSS will rotate every repeating group on the page; that is why IDs are handy.

There’s an Action for Repeating Groups called “scroll to entry”. The trick with your use case is that you can’t just trigger it on page is loaded, but I find that the following works:

You build the condition as follows:

NOTE: The EVERY TIME setting is important here:

This is because the there’s no Event that gets fired by RGs when they are done loading. Instead, we must monitor for changes of the “loading” state. This starts off as “no”, goes to “yes” and then back to “no” once your data is finished loading. If we don’t have “Every Time”, the scroll to action will fire before your group is done loading and will not scroll to the proper position.

So there ya go.

An ugly example of how this will look after page load:


This is extremely helpful. I had seen the “scroll to latest entry” in the forum but couldn’t see it when I tried to trigger it by page load, so this is exactly what I am looking for. And thank you @julienallard1 as well, as I did not know you could alter the css via the header.

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