I made an Auto Complete plugin and want your input!

So I saw a few people may of needed this functionality, so I created it. I saw an example a ways back and couldn’t remember how it was done (not on Bubble) so I just decided to try it out with the standard multi-line input. Regardless, this is what I made.

I’m not sure how much use-cases it would have, but figured I’d ask for some input from you fellow peeps before I put too much more work into it.

  • You can use ANY words for your completion, even can use code (I think, don’t see why not), so this can be really good for code snippets too.
  • Has keyboard support
  • I have a trigger for when the value changes (so you can repopulate the words if needed via AI or whatever)
  • and a live input watcher so you can see their latest values.

… yes I also know it still may have a few bugs :slight_smile:

Please let me know what you think!

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