Viewing a list of applicants

I am a newbie to Bubble and still trying to get my head around with a few things. I have been breaking my head on this issue for a couple of days already.

I am building a basic job portal and I have the below data types

Data Types
Company User Job Application
Company Name Email Job Title User
Location Name Company Company
Phone Number Description Job
Job Status

I have a table of jobs created by a particular company called “Table Jobs”. The table has a column called Applicants, which shows the count of applicants for that Job.

What I am look for is when I click the applicant count, I need to be able to show the list of applicants for that particular job in a table (Table Applicants) available in the same page.

The problem is I am able to display all the applicants but not the applicants for that particular job.

Can anyone guide me on?

You can have a list of things (type Applicant) field in your Job table [1]; or have a Job field in your Applications table [2]. That way a link will be established.

In your design editor, you can then show the list of applications for that particular job by displaying it accordingly in your repeating group.

  • When clicking on View applicants, set a custom state or set the data source of the group or popup that encloses your Applications repeating group to the selected Job of your Jobs repeating group
  • In your applications repeating group, set the data source to Parent’s group Job’s Applications [1] or Do a search for Applications, Job field = Parent’s group Job [2]

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

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I will try this one out, while in the mean time I have also found out another way. Just got the job data stored in a page state and then display applications basis that job.