Show all user applied to a Job


now the Center can post a Job request and they looking for employe , and user can apply for this Job
ho can I show all user applied for Job I created as a Center

I have datatype called / Job request
with field called / Applied - List of user

in User datatype I have field called / Job request - List of Job request

I’d plan it as if you’ll have hundreds or even thousands of applicants (Bubble recommend to keep list fields relatively small (like <100 items) for performance reasons).

I would have multiple data types for your app:

  1. Job. To store main details like short description, Company, category (example: dev, non-tech, design…) and so on.
  2. Job details. That would be a satellite data type to store long detailed description of the Job. Main goal - better performance in terms of searching for Jobs without fetching long job description when you really don’t need it.
  3. Job request. Just two fields: User (user that applies for a Job) and job (=Job).

So when a User applies for a Job - you create a new Job request (user = user that applies, job = job he applies to). And you can display all users that applied for a particular job using a Repeating Group (type of content = user, data source = Do a search for Job request where job = job you are managing as a Center).

thnaks and that’s great I did like you said , but I want when user apply for job a check mark show up
in Job datatype , should I create field called Job request - Job request ?

Where and for whom? For the user (to show that he already applied for the job)?

yes for the user , in the dashboard where al job is showing

I do it like this but it didn’t work

when parent group job job-request job is parent group job and parent group job job-request user is current user

change the icon

How is you dashboard orginized? You have a Repeating Group that displays Jobs?

p.s. it’s hard to understand what is Parent Group Job cause idk if you are searching for all jobs or have some constraints (like jobs that are favourited/saved by the user).

all job in the same city of current user :blush:

Ok, so RG shows all jobs in the Users city.
To show the checkmark [user applied for the job] you need to check in the DB if you have a Job request item where user = current user and job = current cell’s job:

  1. In conditional tab of the checkmark construct expression “Do a search for Job request” and add constraints are User - current user, Job = current cell’s job.
  2. add :count > 0in the end

bro you’r a legend , thank you so much

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