I vent about the injustice I suffered with the bubble

Outrage over Price Changes in the Bubble: A Vent

Today I find myself deeply outraged and frustrated by Bubble’s recent stance on pricing policies. As a loyal and dedicated user, I have been using this platform for two years, paying 30 dollars monthly for my application. However, to my surprise and displeasure, when trying to access my app today, I came across an unacceptable situation.

Customers started complaining, and when I investigated why, I discovered that Bubble forced me to purchase a higher plan, called a “boost”, and activate an overage to restore my application. Suddenly, my monthly cost jumped from $30 to over $135, representing an increase of over 400%!

I keep asking myself: what is happening to Bubble? I clearly remember a note released by the platform, promising that it would give until October this year so that old customers like me could adjust to the changes. However, I’ve been here, almost three years as a client, and where is my deadline? Why am I not being treated with the consideration and respect I deserve after being faithful for so long?

This experience has been extremely disappointing and discouraging. As an entrepreneur who trusted Bubble to develop and maintain his app, I expected a relationship of mutual trust and transparency. Instead, I feel left out, faced with exorbitant price increases and without proper communication or concessions for loyal customers like me.

I sincerely hope that Bubble reconsiders its pricing policies and starts to value and respect its old customers. We cannot be treated like simple numbers on a profit sheet. We demand justice and equity.

As a community of users, we must come together and push for changes that ensure a fair and transparent relationship between Bubble and its customers. It’s time to make our voices heard and defend our rights as loyal consumers.

Together we can make the difference. Together, we can demand fair and respectful treatment. Together, we can create a community where trust and transparency are priorities.

#JusticeForBubbleCustomers #TransparencyInPrices #LoyalCustomersDeserveRespect

You’re being quite melodramatic.

Yes, but it sounds like you changed to a new pricing plan when you activated overages… you did that by choice, there’s no injustice there…

The new pricing system is here to stay, so get used to it, and decide if you still want to use Bubble. If not, build somewhere else. But, I’ll bet the value provided by Bubble in faster development times will outweigh the cheaper pricing of other platforms.

So, do you have an actual suggestion or contribution to make, or is this vent literally just a statement of frustration?

Melodramatic if it’s in your reality that 100 dollars is nothing in my country, 150 dollars is the monthly income of most families, today my app gives me around 120 dollars per month in profit with this adjustment I won’t be able to continue, I don’t have time to even try to readjust myself

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That’s a good point. It’s been demonstrated on this forum that WU pricing is not related to actual costs of providing such WUs. As that’s the case, it would be nice for Bubble to have a price adjustment for different countries. It definitely won’t happen but I think it’s a good point…


I totally understand your frustrations, a lot of us were in the same position when the price changes were announced.

But the reality of it is, Bubble owes you nothing. They provide the service, and they have to continue making money to continue offering said service. Previously, it didn’t look like they were making much money (if any) under the old pricing, and remains to be seen if the new pricing is generating any additional income.

It is unfair from your side that you are at a disadvantage when it comes to cost for service. Perhaps you can raise your price or get more clients? Or maybe even another app that could generate more revenue to sustain your current app?

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it was an increase of almost 400%, that’s a lot, nothing justifies that

Since you been building since before the responsive engine, I can assume you may likely have bad workflows now as well that are not helping your optimization. That could also be related to the hiking of price for you.

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