I want to create a page with all of my users first name, last name and role on it

I was thinking of using a repeating group and just putting all the data there. But how do I put all the data there? We have a partnership program that has to be able to see al this info in order to give discounts to our subscribed clients. So preferably standard users shouldn’t show on the page at all.

You certainly don’t need to use a RG for this… but you can…

In any case, just load the Users, and then display the relevant data.

If you had to do this how would you go about doing it?
Loading the users? Can you be more specific please.

Well, it depends what I was trying to do…

If I just needed to display the things you mentioned, I’d just use a single text element…

If I needed some more complex formatting/UX then I might as a RG.

But, it’s really up to you how you want to display things.