Image loading speed for Tinder-like Dating App?

Hello everyone, I’m currently creating a dating app that displays one user at a time, somewhat like tinder. These users are shown in a repeating group (1 column) and the loading time for images every time I move to the next user is seriously long. For instance, when I move on to the next user, the name and written information would all change fine but it takes nearly 3 - 5 seconds for the user image to change from that of the previous user in RG. Even worse, that’s when the user only has one image of him/herself. If more than 3, the loading speed is obviously worse. The app is near completion and in good quality overall in my opinion but with image loading speed being this ridiculous (and with only like 20 fake users for testing purposes), I can’t imagine the market sticking to this product. Does anyone have any advice on how I can improve on this issue? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

FYI ) I am not using a swipe mechanism like Tinder due to the purposeful design of the application, which means I am NOT using any plugins associated with Tinder-type design. Bubble’s current Tinder plugin is not the highest in speed quality either so I don’t think it will be much use to me. The speed of all pages / features excluding images are at least tolerable to me at the moment.

Hello, now facing similar problems, did you manage to fix this issue?