Implementing a UI Kit (Styling the application)


Newbie here just wanted to find out, if it’s possible to implement a UI Kit a la in order to have the Bubble-app a bit more appealing look’n’feel.

… - Is it doable or are there limitations, when it comes to customization of the styling/css/transitions/etc ?


This would be amazing. I’m noticing that Bubble doesn’t operate much along the z-axis which is a core part of things like atomize and material design.

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Thanks for the quick reply and insights Tom🙏🏻

Bubble looks amazing for POC’s and MVP’s, but with above mentioned capabilities, they could stay on Bubble for the entire product lifecycle🚀

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I agree. I’m 2 weeks into my first build and I’m questioning the longevity after MVP. I’m concerned the system won’t be able to handle scaling like I could if I we to develop on GCP.