In Calendar - display of a formatted date


I can’t figure out how to display the date correctly formatted in “Calendar”.
I always have a display in the following form: “8.a” or “9.30a” (eg: the picture)


Any ideas ?


This is a default language setting that can be changed in your application’s Settings --> Languages tab; update the Full Calendar app language to {“agenda”:“h:mmt{ - h:mmt}”,"":“h(:mm)t”} instead of the default {“agenda”:“h:mma{ - h:mma}”,"":“h(:mm)a”} setting.

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Thanks a lot Eve :slight_smile:


Hey @eve ! Is this still the solution to this issue? I’ve tried it but it doesn’t change the time format in my calendar events.

Apart from this, I also tried ‘H(:mm)’ as suggested in the FullCalendar docs (timeFormat - Docs v3 | FullCalendar) and I also tried to remove the time off the caption entirely using {“agenda”:“{}”,“”:“”}. Nothing worked!

I would like to see “am” and “pm” instead of “a” and “p”. Having the times in 24-hours format would work as well.


Thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face: