Input dimensions within popup buggy, sometimes

Hi folks,

Do you ever encounter this behavior within popups?

Inputs should look like this

But (sometimes) it renders like this without any change being made in the editor:

It’s ok most of the time and because it is not a consistent issue I do not think it is a responsiveness setting…

Are all the elements in a group?

They are indeed.

I know if the elements in a group don’t have enough space, the element are placed below each other. Although with a textframe, if there is more text than the frame wide is, the textframe expands downwards…

Maybe it’s the same in this case? Maybe you can make your group boundaries a little bit wider so the elements won’t crop or placed under each other?

I don’t know if this is the solution. Check the elements in the group if they’re already ‘free’ enough from the groups’ boundaries… I hope this helps…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My guess is that you have an animation when showing the group. It’s an issue I have had before too. Try a different animation, one that doesn’t resize the popup before showing it.

I just use animations that slide up or bounce in and out instead. I wish they would fix it. I would report it as a bug so they remember it’s still an issue.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Wow thank you so much!!!

I’ve played an entire day with my setup (groups, fixed width, max width, …) and fixed it in a second thanks to you.

I owe you a beer (or the drink you want) if you ever come to Paris!

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Awesome! So glad it helped. :blush: Now I have to go to Paris! :+1:

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