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Introducing the Bubble Ideaboard

I’m experiencing the same as @shaun. Can’t see any ideas already submitted and quite confused about if it’s desired.

@allenyang, how will you guys now what are the most demanded ideas and feature requests if people cannot vote for them?


I think there was a bug with it earlier, so they’ve taken it away temporarily. It should be back soon though.

To reply to a few posts above -

  • The page is still up and running; we fixed an earlier bug around how upvotes were being registered
  • It’s intentional for now that you can only see (and thus upvote) other submitted ideas after you start typing your own idea in the “Summary” field - consider this a feature experiment :slight_smile: The hypothesis being that it could get us better “signal vs noise” and avoid people jumping on ideas as part of a bandwagon effect. This is subject to change as we iterate on this page though.
  • I’ve just confirmed that the above behavior also works on mobile for me. As you type an idea in the “Summary” field, a new repeating group will show up below with similar ideas (powered by Algolia)
  • Good idea about the Ideas category. I’m not going to lock the category for now because it seems like there are still occasionally ideas that might not be a great fit for the Ideaboard page. Instead, I’ve moved this thread to that category and pinned it there
  • I think right now, the UX pattern we have on is that if you try to access a link that requires you to be logged in, you get redirected to in all cases. So for now, we’ve just followed that precedent for the Ideaboard page

We are seeing what engagement with this page is like and are very open to iterating on it as we go!


Hi @allenyang

The idea board is a brilliant initiative and I completely understand the notion that you don’t want “noise”. However, I think that the current method of not allowing users to see other users’ submissions is limiting because you miss out on users browsing and upvoting ideas that they may not require now but they still view as important in general (or they haven’t thought of yet). This will help Bubble identify the most important features to build.

Here’s an idea on how to achieve this whilst avoiding “noise”: give users a limited amount of upvotes a month/week. This will mean that users will use their votes carefully and only upvote ideas that they really find valuable.

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I don’t think this will solve the problem of noise, as users will still be able to jump on the bandwagon. It also unnecessarily limits the user’s ability to upvote good ideas(i.e. there could be 5 good ideas, but user can only upvote 3.)

I feel the problem right now with the ideaboard is that it doesn’t encourage any engagement. Once you have submitted your idea, you have no ‘incentive’ to ever return to the page. It will be good if you could see whether your submitted ideas have received upvotes - users will receive validations for their submissions. You could also display random submitted ideas on the forum front page/ideaboard page so that users can vote if they think it is useful. This will prevent users from bandwagoning as they are not able to see top voted ideas. @allenyang

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Good points but I think when users have limited votes and submissions they will be forced to prioritize ideas. This means that Bubble can be confident that the top ideas are in fact priority and not just niceties. This is really the point of the idea board: for Bubble to identify the most important features to build.

To prevent the bandwagon effect you could hide the vote count for each idea until the user votes (just like polls on LinkedIn).

@allenyang this is poorly executed with horrible uiux. All submissions should be public and there should be no limit to voting.
Zeroqode have built an awesome app here for solving this problem, it’s a bit rude to snub them. Their app would be used more from the beginning if it was endorsed.

I think this ideaboard won’t have impact anyway. The founders are very set on what they want to include and when. People begging for many features and mobile support for a long time with no return. They know already what users want.

I think this is just a personal project for you to get some likes on a post.

  1. Plugin Editor TIP: Have option to create only squared element, should be easy > having one entry used for width and height
  2. Plugin Editor TIP: Have ability to group properties. Nativly you can select Shadow group, but this can’t be applied widely, just on the element itself. For ex. I need Shadow group for css filter property, so basicly it takes 4 lines on property panel immedietaly even, the user will not use this function. Same for the rotation
  3. Bubble Editor TIP: Have ability to turn on some kind of code mode (because, to be honest, with more complex project we need to code anyway, specially style). So turn on something like ID attribute but can be Class attribute or Style attribute, have ability to create one css for all pages, not to specify the code on every page separately. Honestly, without classify I’ll spend hours of doing workarounds on some basic functions and some of them would’t be even done.
  4. Bubble Editor TIP: While choosing some property to be eddited in Condition, it should be also grouped. For ex.: If I want to change left border, i should recieve all its properties, not to select it one by one (even i’m not gonna use all of them, but most of the time i’ll choose even the others), sometimes it’s just painful to choose all what you want o change.