Is there a good way to make arbitrary lists?

I’m making my first bubble app, and I decided to use option sets for some constant enumerated values (ie my system has orders and every order has a status, there’s a status option set with entries like “redeemed”, “canceled” etc. Side question: if experienced bubble devs think this is better done in a database table than option set, please advise!)

Now, I want to do a query like “get all the orders with a status in (A,B,C)”. What I can’t figure out is a good way to make a list of (A,B,C) to compare the status to. The best I’ve come up with is a workflow on page load that adds each status I want in a particular set into a custom state attached to an element and then referencing that, but it seems kind of janky.

Another option is to add more fields to the option set to express this (Maybe I have 8 statuses, and some should be grouped as “ok” and some should be grouped as “problem”)

I can add a field for ok/problem and then get all options, filter by this, and then use that list to search, but also seems non ideal.

What I really would like is some plugin that adds “Arbitrary list” to the dropdown for options along side these others

Thoughts? What’s the most “Bubble” way to do this?

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Maybe put your entire list in Arbitrary text separating each list item with some delimiter and then apply the :split by () operator to convert the text to a list.

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You can solve this in two ways. You do not need arbitrary list for the solution.

One. You can add another field to the option sets. Then, the expression would look something like, All Statuses: filtered.

Two. You can define which statuses you want within the RG filter itself. the expression will look something like All Statuses:minus item: Redeemed:minus item: Cancelled.

Hope this helps.