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Is there a way to make a bubble app native only?

As per the title, I’m looking into ways to make my app only available on mobile. I do not have a native wrapped app yet but I’m just wondering if it’s a possibility?

From my knowledge of using bubble for about 1 year or 2, I don’t believe there is an option to make it native to mobile devices only. But I could be wrong.

You could just block access to the website if you don’t want people to view it online, those actions could be performed within Bubble’s programming logic and you just need the condition is native app? yes or no if yes then hide all the elements

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I’m unable to find in the workflow logic how to hide elements if the page is opened on a browser.

You could get the user agent on page load and if the agent does not match your requirements redirect them or just not load content.

Hi @dylanp,

You can accomplish this with our native app plugin and wrapper. You’ll be able to detect whether the page is being accessed by a native app using our plugin value ‘is Native App’.

If it’s instead being accessed from the web, you can redirect the User somewhere else or hide elements on the page.

You can test this functionality by installing our plugin and downloading our free preview app:

Happy Building!

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