Need the community feedback on my Home page

Hi everyone,

As you always have been supportive, I would like to as you for another favor :blush:

I will highly appreciate your support :blush:

I am 3 days away from Pre-Pre-Launch :blush:

I just just finished the Homoe page UI design, and we need your help :hugs:

We will highly appreciate it if you could have a look at it, and let us what is your 1st impression and what would you recommend us to improve it :blush:

Hi @ahmed.khodeir.87
Good work, the responsive works well.

There are some improvement to do:

  • add more whitespace to enhance UX design
  • add html tags for titles (h1, h2…)
  • fulfill the alt tag for images (good for seo)

I wondered what is your value proposition : Stop hiding your PowerBI talent OR Build your powerbi portfolio in minutes ?

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Thanks, @mickceb for the feedback :slight_smile:

  • add more whitespace to enhance UX design:
    I agree and working on it right now.
  • add HTML tags for titles (h1, h2…):
    I agree and will do it soon.
  • fulfill the alt tag for images (good for SEO):
    I agree and will do it soon.

The main value proposition is Building the PowerBI portfolio in minutes, but it is not the end game, the main value is presenting their work and improving their personal brand and getting more noticed, and getting better feedback.

As soon as a visitor lands on your website, he should see and understand what is your value proposition and then see the three main features of your app.
For the SEO, value proposition → h1 tag, each feature → h2 tag and explainations → p tag.

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Will do, thanks for the recommendations :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My pleasure :wink:

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I don’t have any objections to the design, there are some bugs but I bet you already seen them.

For me, I look at the content and think about the “Why?” What is in it for me, ultimately? You mention “getting more notice, and getting better feedback”, but is that the ultimate goal?

I can come to think of some things that could be the the actual goals:

  • Get more work as a consultant.
  • Get a promotion where I am today.
  • Get a better job in the field.

You might consider this obvious, but it may not be for those visiting. A great way to get the right content on the homepage is to talk to some people in the field and ask them, in their own words, why they think someone would want to be featured on a platform like this. Find the words they use and use them.

When you have this (maybe you already do?) you can continue spinning on this content-wise:

  • Testamonials (“I believe I’ve recieved at least 20% more good leads after I…”)
  • Gather statistics (“Consultants who don’t have a well-built portfolio tend to miss out on 30% of work - most often the best paying”).

Good luck with the project!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @alxgrepe !

This is why I requested the help of the community, for the apps features, the test group loved the UI and the UX, but even that I am one of the targeted audience " or was" the landing page and its content is the thing that gave me the most anxiety :sweat_smile:, as you see most PowerBI analyst are like me, we can talk numbers but not so good at marketing or presenting our work " which is exactly why I created novyPro" to enable them present their work seamless and get the values you have mentioned.

again Thanks for the rich inputs it will surely add value in the re-design and content of the landing page

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