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[New Feature] More Repeating Group Controls in Conditionals

Hello everyone!

We’ve recently added additional controls to conditional statements with new responsive Repeating Groups.

When the number of Rows and Columns are set to a fixed number, you will now have the ability to adjust the number of Rows and Columns conditionally.

When the number of Rows and Columns is dynamic, you will now have the ability to adjust the min width of a Column and min height of a Row.

We hope this helps you build more expressive layouts in your apps!


Thanks @nickc !

Thank you!

That would have helped me.

Thanks @nickc

@nickc, thanks.

FYI, I found an issue where data is not loaded when the number of fixed rows is increased conditionally based on page width. Only after a page refresh does it appear.

This issue has implications beyond people resizing their desktop browser window. For example, consider a RG conditional that increases the number of rows when the page width decreases. If someone loads a page on a mobile device in landscape orientation and then simply rotates the device to portrait orientation, the data for the additional rows will be missing (until the page is refreshed).

I have submitted a bug report.


Just noticed many repeating groups on my app are now having formatting issues. I have a repeating group with items in 1 row… they are 320px with spacing between… but now they are all overlapping. Anyone else having formatting issues all the sudden for RG?

Can we please roll this update back until it’s been vetted?

Most of the repeating groups in my live application are broken now even though we have not deployed anything. We are a D2C company, this directly impacts our revenue.


All of my deployed app’s rg’s are super spaced out between records. This has happened in the last hour

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Hey everyone - this release went out August 2nd, so unlikely it was this release that is causing RG issues. The team has been made aware and we are tracking down the source as a top priority. My sincerest apologies for the impact this is having on your live apps.


Thanks for the reply. For me… it looks like it’s only happening with my 1 row, horizontal scroll RG groups. Vertical RG seem to be working fine for me.

Reporting the same thing here, RGs look awful, way too much space.

I can’t see what it was before, but the culprit seems to be minimum height, which is now set to 100%, which is stretching everything vertically. Removing this and setting it to 0 solves it. See before and after shot below.




@Bubble team, this is a pretty bad one!!! In case it helps get to the bottom of it, this is only occurring in cases where I have nested RGs. My other RGs appear to be fine.


I’m seeing issues with vertical scroll fwiw

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Man. I really don’t want to go through every single RG in my apps and reformat. Do you think HQ can push a bulk fix?

I have the same issue, too much space - fixed by removing the 100% min height.

The deploy that caused this issue has been reverted while engineers QA the original deploy. Please let me know if anyone is still seeing issues with their repeating groups.


Thank you! I hadn’t worked on my RGs in a bit, and seeing this upon returning to them was a real treat. I came to the forum and searched for this announcement just to say thanks because I’m so happy with this feature.