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📤 New Plugin - Native share by EzCode

Update v3.2.0

  • Added support for GoNative

You can use it without any changes in the logic, the plugin will auto detect if it is a GoNative wrapper.

hello, I subscribed to this plugin but it doesn’t work with @gaurav BDK native. It only works when i’m on browser.

Hi, sorry for late response.
Our plugin works as expected in browsers but not in all WebView wrappers.

This is from plugin documentation:
#WebView wrappers
- Supports GoNative
- Supports React-Native use action "React-native: trigger Share Menu

If BDK native are using React-Native then you can implement it if you have access to the app code.

If you need any help contact us via PM and we’ll try to help you.

No worries, I changed it up.

Hey @gaffneyantonio,
You can share things directly in bdk native (BN - Share text / BN - Share media) action

Yep, that’s what i’m using now :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought your Native Share and it works perfectly except when I want to send text to a thermal printer.

The text is distorted and doesn’t print correctly.

The text also doesn’t print as ordered from Bubble. Text in multiple lines prints out as a single line.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Is there a way we can work together on this?

Kindly let me know if you can

could you please send a photo on how it looks when printed? Send it in PM

No I think it is on the plugin end because we didn’t test it with a printer:)