📤 New Plugin - Native share by EzCode

Hey Bubblers !

Welcome new Native share Plugin

The plugin triggers the native sharing mechanism of the mobile device and from there user can share anywhere including Instagram Direct, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, Email, SMS, WhatsApp and any other native app that supports this feature.

Works for iOS and Android.

You can set dynamically Title, Body text and url that will be shared.

Supported browsers:

  • Chrome for Android
  • Opera for Android
  • Safari on iOS
  • Safari on MacOS

! Important - This feature is not supported in webview wrappers.

On desktop this feature is not available except for Safari.



The plugin will automatically check if it can run on current device and will set the state,Is Device Supported , to Yes or No.

Plugin will trigger an event, Content Shared Successfully, after user choose where to share.

Plugin Action:

  • Open Share Menu : Run this when you want to open native share menu, the menu is different on iOS and Android.

Plugin States:

  • Shared Title
  • Shared Text
  • Shared URL
  • Is Device Supported
  • User device
  • User browser

Plugin Events:

  • Content Shared Successfully
  • Error Occurred


  • Your website has to be served over HTTPS
  • The Action can only be triggered in response to some user action (such as a click event)

Plugin page: https://bubble.io/plugin/native-share-1572536924288x822431739053604900

Demo: https://ezcodepluginsdemo.bubbleapps.io/native_share

The plugin is sold as is, although additional modification can be discussed. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas - https://ezcode.co

Hope you will like it !

Regards EzCode team.


I purchased this plugin. its working in browser. Its not working in wrapper.

this is the error msg.

Could you please tell me a solution.
I am using webview gold wrapper.


@eazycode no answer ?

Hello @bentoj72, thanks for reaching out, we are working now do find solution ASAP

Will contact you with update when it be ready


Thank you. :heart_eyes:

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Hey @bentoj72, can you share link of your app please, because we can’t reproduce this bug.

Or you can sent link to your editor in DM, so one of our devs will check reason.

Regards EzCode team

hello @eazycode

Following is my work flow when i press a button
any problem with this?
its working in browser.
problem is in wrapper.
which wrapper you tried?
I was using webview gold. please try with that wrapper.

Hello @bentoj72 - Unfortunately this feature is not supported in webview wrappers.

We will try to find solution in next updates, but for now sharing method not support webview

Regards EzCode team .

okey thank you

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I tested this in Superview and it works :slight_smile:

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@eazycode is there any update on supporting webview wrappers? Is this something you can support soon or is it not a priority now?

Hey @unscripted.app, thanks for reaching out.

Can you provide exact info about what you expect or what your proposal for future updates?

Maybe you have some troubles with plugin?

As we clarified earlier, webview is not what we can handle in this plugin, it’s mostly for web usings.

We are here ready to help and will be glad to assist you with solutions.

Regards EzCode team

Just out of curiosity which web wrapper have you used?

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This feature is not supported in Android webview
Here is a screenshot from official documentation of this feature:

For ios we have tried it in the react-native webview and it didn’t worked

As a workaround we are preparing an update with the ability to send a message to react-native to trigger this feature from the native part (more details will be in the update post)

If you are using react-native, we can help you implement this feature from the native part.

Regards EzCode team

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Thanks for the info. We actually haven’t tried to add the native wrapper to our app yet. We were planning to use PhoneGap or GoNative. I was asking because before I purchased the plugin and got it working in my app, I wanted to know if it’d serve our needs.

It looks like it won’t work for what we need, and that’s ok. Thanks anyways.


Not sure how to subscribe to this thread, but would love to be updated when dragging between multiple RGs is supported!

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Hi, I am Andrew, the developer.
I think you got the wrong link, here is the link to the thread you were looking for :slight_smile:

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I’m also getting the same error. It seems to work, i send a link to someone, when they click the link and go back to the same screen and click share again i get this error

Nevermind… I fixed it… I uninstalled the plugin and installed a free one that seems to work better…

Plugin Update
  • Fixed a bug when the action is triggered without setting an url and this would share an empty string.

  • New action for react-native webveiw

React-native: trigger Share Menu action

This will post a message to react-native native code in a stringified json that contains title, text and url.
On the native part this should be parsed and used to trigger native share from there. If you need help to set up this feature, contact us.

Regards EzCode Team !

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