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[New Plugin] Notion-like Rich Text Editor

Thank you so much @buero !
If you’d like some additional feature(s), feel free to suggest.
Most of the requested features (that not requires dozens of hours of work) are added within 2 business days.
Hope this plugin helps your app getting better!

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New update 24/07/2022 :

  • You are now able to define a new property : “autofocus” if you want this input to be autofocused at the page load.

Hello @weswas ,

Nice plugin, congrats!

The editor has a problem with showing changed data. Do you have a workaround? Or an upcoming fix.

Let me also say that it is in Rg.


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I’d like to make sure the read-only pages load fast and have the proper H1, H2, H3, p, ul, li tags. Images should be able to be optimized, load quickly, and (if possible) change file name/alt tags.

As for the block templates, I’d like the ability to build a reusable element within Bubble, then use your editor to add a reusable element to the page. For example, I may want to have a wide banner in the middle of the page that can collect an email address via a form and CTA. This would allow me the ability to create reusable elements, but allow my marketing team to add banners and interactive elements to the page without any technical knowledge.

Another request that is a bit off the wall, but would be really interesting @weswas

I really like that you can highlight a piece of content and add a note/comment. I’d love to see this expanded upon and polished (the bubbles pop up in weird places).

More importantly, I’d like to separate tasks between multiple people. I may have one person write the article, another person proof the article, and another create graphics.

Would love to see some way to highlight a piece of text, write a note or select from dropdown, then click a button that initiates a workflow.

Here are two use cases:

  • I have someone that writes an article then highlights different pieces of the article which requests graphics that relate to the highlighted text. The graphic designer can input the images directly into the article.
  • I have documentation that I wrote a year ago which explains processes for how something needs to get done. We switch tools and now the documentation is out of date. The next person reading the documentation should be able to highlight a piece of text and ask a question about the incorrect documentation which pings the owner of the document.

Side-stepping that idea a bit, tying into the User Data Type so I can tag people would be great.

Thank you so much for your suggestions @csakon !
This is really helpful.

Now, the read-only pages DO include the H1, H2, H3, etc… tags.
I’ll try to add the edition of alt tags for images asap (wrote it down on my features list).

About the reusable element, this is something you can already do on your side (create the template you want inside an EditorJS, save the data, and load it back into an EditorJS whenever you need it).

Also, I’m trying to add that mention feature but it seems really complicated to make it work (something exists, but has been abandoned by the developer)… but that’s also on my feature list since a while.
If any skilled programmer see this… I could sponsor that feature.

Anyways, thank you so much for taking part to the improvement of this community-based plugin Chad.
Keep you updated.

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Re: Reusable Element
What i’m looking for is the ability for someone who doesn’t have access to Bubble to be able to add reusable elements they have access to.

My main goal is to provide as much functionality to write internal documentation and SEO ranking articles to people that will not have Bubble access.

Re: SEO optimization
Sounds great. One thing I thought about was whether each block is its own group. I understand why that’s necessary while editing, but while read-only, the less groups that exist, the faster the page will load. Is there any way to stack all of these into one group when read-only?

Daaaaam @weswas, you are killing it with this plug-in! :fire:
Do you make custom plug-ins?
And are you freelancing? Anyplace where I can see your hourly or daily prices?

Found your profile on Malt, I’ll get in touch over there next time :slight_smile:

Hey @design.agx
I prefer if you get in touch via email ([email protected]), I do not check Malt very often.

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Hey @csakon,
About SEO optimization, it is possible possible at the moment to group all blocks into one main div. This is done by the library Im using (Editor.js)

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Hi all!
Hope you are doing well during this beautiful day.
I wanted to ask you something :

What features are you guys missing on this plugin ?
For people who bought the plugin : what could I improve ?
For people who did not buy the plugin yet : what features would you like to see ?

It’s quite hard to see what’s missing from my developer POV.
Answering those questions would help the community build better apps and make this plugin better day after day.

Thank you so much if you take some of your precious time to answer this! :heart:


Hey man,

Absolutely crazy plugin. Will definitely be buying it. Just wanted to ask that if it’s possible now or in the future to have “/” open up the option selection for blocks similar to Notion.

Example, if I want to add H1, all I do is hit “/” then “1” then “Enter”. Basically Notion like shortcuts instead of having to press the + icon each time. Thanks a lot

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Hey @zain.zmn6,
Thank you so much!
It definitely is on my feature-list !
Just give me some time to focus on it when I’ll come back from holidays.
But it will be there soon, for sure!

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@weswas I love the plugin!

I have this issue and I can’t figure out why is it happening

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Hi @weswas, awesome plugin. Is it possible to add track changes to the plugin? Cheers, Greg

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Hey @marina.ebusiness,
Thank you so much!
Could you provide me a link to the editor and the demo page so that I can investigate this issue ? Thank you so much!

Hey @Greman,
Thank you ! :pray:
What do you mean by “track changes” ?

How about multi-column support?

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Hey @csakon,
Thank you for suggesting.
Unfortunately, the multi-columns support is not official and has been made by a member of the community. And because of this, it is not compatible with some of the features available today.
That’s why I won’t integrate it, because I would have to remove things that are already implemented.

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