[PLUGIN] Dropdown with native search

After trying various solutions available in the marketplace, we decided to develop our custom dropdown element, which we’ve now made available on the marketplace. This feature-rich dropdown is priced at a one-time purchase of $10.

In comparison to Bubble’s native dropdown, our custom dropdown offers a significantly improved user experience. It boasts nearly instant search results as you type into the search bar and provides the flexibility to customize the CSS to suit your preferences.

You can check out a preview of the dropdown element below:


The plugin is pending review


Reserved for FAQ

  1. Setting Up Dynamic Data in Dropdowns:
    To configure dynamic data in dropdowns, follow the same process as Bubble’s dropdown element. Select ‘Choice Type’ and ‘Choices’.

  2. Setting an Initial Value:
    Assigning an initial value is done in the same manner as with Bubble’s dropdown element.

  3. Customizing Dropdown Styling:
    Customize the dropdown styling either via the provided options in the dropdown settings or by using your own CSS in a stylesheet. The stylesheet is accessible on the page. Use !important in your CSS to ensure it overrides the default styles.

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Plugin has been reviewed and accepted by Bubble to the marketplace.