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[PLUGIN] - TinyMCE Advanced (v6)

hi, regarding the tool bar, when you use the editor in a pop-up, clicking on file for example, you do not see the information that you would have to open.

and in the matter of saving the file, would you like to make a video?
I noticed that there were comments from others with the same question.


Captura de tela 2023-05-27 082632
in the popup does not display

Ok I’ll dig deeper, cheers

I didn’t understand with Saving texts in the database and how to visualize the texts that I already saved by other rich text editors.
If you have how to make a video, it will help me and also help others.


Hey, I have an issue saving content from the editor in a field in the database. I created a simple setup for the purposes of this test.

I have the editor and a button called Save. I created an action Get content from Tinymce and then create a new thing so that every time I click the button Save, the content of the editor will be saved as a new record in my database.

This doesn’t work in my case. A new row is created, but it’s empty - no content is exported from the editor. I tried exporting Tinymce’s text content and html content, both return the same result.

I have the same issue with another free tinymce plugin, but don’t have the issue with other editors - quill, the bubble’s rte, etc.

Your help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I attach screenshots of the settings;

Hi @svetlin.sabev
If you use the event “content is ready” and move your “Create a new rich text…” action in it, it should resolve it. Step 2 in the workflow is running before Step 1 has completed which is probably why the value of the state is empty.


Thank you for the prompt reply. It may be a stupid question, but I don’t see a “content is ready” event. Can you guide me please?

Screenshot attached.

That’s an action you’re trying to set there not an event.

Popup menu items issue has been fixed @rcgrcontato8
If you update now you should be good.

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Thank you so much! It worked like a charm :)))

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popup was correcting yes.
This is already ok

Hi @pork1977gm !

I tried many plugins, but your plugin seemed the most suitable for other requirements.
How realistic is it that you will be able to integrate this functionality until the end of June?

Well, I’m working on it now but I have a couple of full time jobs ongoing at the moment. I’ve just got the checkbox functionality included and a couple of other bug fixes completed. This Notion type feature is the next on my list but I need to do a bit of research before hand. Getting it done before the end of June is very likely.

I’ll be pushing a few updates out in stages.

Hi, I would really like to get your help with these bugs that your plugin is giving.

1- in Classic mode, it doesn’t visualize the text correctly

2 - in inline mode, it visualizes the text correctly, however it does not change the category and the model of the document when I select it.

In the default rich text example, everything is working ok, as shown in the image with the 2 editors
Captura de tela 2023-05-30 093342
Captura de tela 2023-05-30 093226
Captura de tela 2023-05-30 093133

There must be something up with that HTML which Tiny doesn’t like.

I assume you’re running either the Set content or Insert content actions and passing in some HTML?

If that’s the case, can you send me the HTML which you’re using and I’ll figure out where it’s going wrong.

Basically, I need to be able to replicate this issue to fix it.

Do you have an email I can send a video to?
so it’s better for you to understand

There are several HTML

First I choose the document category (there are several categories) and in each category, there are several types of documents

Yeh of course, send to [email protected]

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I replied to the email, thank you

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Can you sent that HTML also? I’ll get back to you on the emailed question!

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the same html I’m sweating elsewhere and it visualizes normal.

I’ll send an html (of a document) for you to test.

sending by email