PO Automation Using Google Docs (Sample Prototype)

I haven’t seen much if any discussion about using Bubble to autopopulate template documents in Google docs so I thought it would be interesting to create a very simple prototype for purchase orders: https://autodocuments.bubbleapps.io/

It uses Zapier’s ability to populate templates in Google docs to create a new doc every time there’s a proper trigger (see https://zapier.com/apps/google-docs/tutorials/create-autopopulate-google-docs-template).

In this case, the trigger is a Bubble workflow that calls a webhook using the Bubble-Zapier plugin and the Bubble-Zaper trigger (see https://zapier.com/developer/invite/19588/b63f861cc1102e8fbe076e14a7fc72b1/ )

So when you enter the fields in my Bubble app:

You will send data to the relevant purchase order template in Google docs that will populate the appropriate variables:

It sends the documents to a folder in my Gdrive that I made public and viewable if you click the View Past Orders button (listed by purchase order number):

By adding the radio button, I also embedded business and legal logic into the app for international purchase orders, which uses the appropriate form with a legally required data point (again, this is just a prototype) for international shipments:

This is done by using a separate template for international orders in G docs associated with a different Bubble workflow and different zap and webhook set up in Zapier.

A wide variety of other legal and business requirements and features could also be added, from choosing what forum to arbitrate disputes to who bears the risk of loss during shipment.


Hi @hshadab,

Do you by any chance know if there is a way to dynamically add multiple rows to a table in a doc created from a template, without of course knowing beforehand how many rows there might be? So in your example, if a PO had multiple ‘Goods’, could they go on separate rows?

Edit: Thanks for sharing by the way. This is something that I may need to implement in the near future.

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I don’t know off hand but I will give it some thought. This functionality may be possible using Zapier’s Google Docs zap.

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I am trying to determine if it would be better to integrate through Zapier or direct with the API Connector.

If anyone’s got an opinion…

Excellent @hshadab , is this possible to see your implementation backend ?

I guess you are limited by the number of text fields offered by the zapier plugin ?

That’s correct. Sure, let me know what you’d like to see.

If it’s just the Zapier plugin with limited text field I think I’m good :smiley:

I wondered if you found a way to have more merge fields…

Have an editor link by any chance?

Here is the link. Let me know what you think.