Popup for end of trial

Hi everyone,

After I attempted to use a account that have already been created and expired the 8 days of free trial in an benchmark app that I’m studying I saw that they showed a popup that disabled me from doing pretty much anything else on the app but only to click to add a payment method and follow to the subscription.

How would you structure that? I thought about making it an reusable element with a custom state linked to ‘used_free_trial’ (yes l no) and make the popup the only element in this custom state then add it to all pages in the app.

The example is as follows:

Hi @jairocbastos :wave:

First: The best thing is to transform this Popup into a RE and put it inside some element you have in all your pages, like the header.
Second: Make sure that this popup can’t be closed by clicking elsewhere. This will lock your user untill he clicks where you want him to click.
Third: Make sure to block the functions of your app if the trial has expired.

Very well, thanks alot mate!

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