Probably a dumb issue/question

I’m new to Bubble, so this is probably a dumb issue/question, but I haven’t found anything in my search to get past this.

I have a page in which the user enters a destination, which auto populates based on the Google Places API. I pass the destination in the URL to a destination information page. On the destination info page, I need to retrieve information from a database (currently in Airbase, but I also created a couple of records in Bubble’s database to try that option) that is relevant to that destination.

A sample scenario: User starts typing Omaha, and the search box autopopulates with Omaha, NE, USA. Once the user submits, they navigate to a destination page template (attached screenshot). I’ve figured out how to retrieve the destination from the URL to display Omaha, NE, USA in my header, and use that to focus the map on Omaha. I can not figure out how to retrieve the text information from my database that should go with Omaha. How would I match the URL destination to the destination in my database, and retrieve the content for that destination?

I’ve tried “Current Page Searched Destination’s Introduction Paragraph”
Searched Destination is my Bubble table, and Introduction Paragraph is my field. I realize this doesn’t work because there is no “destination” from my table on the page, instead there is the destination returned from the URL.

I have also tried to set the source to my Airtable base and indicate the City_State field should = the destination from the page URL, but I don’t know how to go from there to get to the correct Airtable field.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

are you trying to search your database for ‘Omaha, NE, USA’ or is there another piece of data you’re using to try and link up to your database?

A little more info on your database structure, as well as what type of data you’re trying to link to would be helpful :100:

In your example you are passing the searched destination via a URL parameter, not the DB destination.

I think what you want to do is pass the DB destination as your datatype in the URL parameter.

So it would be something like this…

The user searchers for Omaha, and when they click the button to go to the destination page, the URL Paramater would be “Do a search for destinations, first item” (however you are finding the destination in your DB)

Then when the destinations page load (The page should be of a type: Destinations) all of the database information about the destination is associated with the page and ready for you to pull down.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for the response!

It is another type of data - a paragraph of information that relates to the destination. The database structure is:
Destination (city, state, country)
Introduction Paragraph (information about the city) - this is what I’m trying to insert.

Thank you for your response!

The search page has an input box that the user types a destination into, and it auto populates using Google Places. So sticking with original scenario, user starts typing “Om” and selects “Omaha, NE, USA” from the auto populate options. I think you are saying that when they hit the “submit” button, I should do a search for that destination in my database and pass the result of that search to the results page instead of passing the SearchBox City’s Place Name to the results page. Let me know if this sounds like what you suggest…


Yes. Exactly.