Professional plan for one month only?


I have an app on the Personal plan right now.

During two hours in January, I expect much more traffic. Can I switch to Professional plan only for one month, then going back to the Personal plan ? Or is the boost available in the Personal plan comparable with the Professional plan in terms of capacity ?

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Hi there, @clem… I have an app that is cyclical in nature, and I just did exactly what you described. I bumped up to the Professional plan for about 4 to 6 weeks, and then I had to add additional capacity on that plan, too. I can say from my own experience that if you expect a significant spike in traffic, the Personal plan is likely not going to cut it, and you will want to consider doing what I did. Then, when the spike ends, bump back down to the Personal plan, and you’re all set.

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Edit: I should have made it clear that you don’t have to bump up to the Professional plan for an entire month. If your spike is literally only going to last a couple of hours, you could bump up to the Professional plan on that day and then bump back down when the spike ends. At that point, I believe the costs are pro-rated, so you only pay the higher rate for the actual time you spent on the higher plan.


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So I could use the Professional plan just for a few days, then going back to the personal plan ?
That would be awesome.

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Yup, you can do that.

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Super !

Will try that ! This possibility offer to use the Professional plan and add more server as well ?

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Yes, you can add more capacity on the Professional plan… I think it’s up to 7 additional units. I had to do exactly that because I think my app ended up running something like 750,000 workflows in just a few weeks, and the additional capacity I added on the Professional plan never even blinked.

Bubble will charge you for the whole month. After you downgrade, they give you a prorata credit only. No refund.