Questionnaire on typeform/survey monkey but responsive in bubble


I want to create a way for people to get points on completion of a questionnaire on typeform/survey monkey.
Works as follows

  • User logs into their account
  • User can choose a survey to complete
  • When they click ‘take survey’ it takes them to typeform or survey monkey
  • On completion of the typeform/survey monkey survey that are rewarded with points to their account on our dashboard.

We will have many different questionnaires for people to fill hence using typeform rather than building out a different survey each time. Does anyone know how id go about building this?

I think Typeform/Survey Monkey would need an API so when they complete their survey it automatically sends data over to your Bubble app. Not sure if they have an API but check that first.

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As mentioned, this relies on some sort of Webhook/API connection from the form tool you use. I know Paperform has one (used it previously). I think Typeform has on higher plans.
You’ll need to pass context about User to Form tool. That’ll probably mean you’ll have to use a prefilled hidden field that gets data out of a URL parameter that the Form tool gets initiated from (assuming you use an iframe). I’d use Unique ID for User.

This is so that when the form is done, a webhook can be executed that includes that context (Unique ID for User), so that when you catch the response in your Bubble app, you know which User’s points to update.

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Hey do you know how we can use those webhooks and tracking the URL parameters in the bubble platform?